.Surrendered Forest.

100%   Cotton Sateen

70 x 45cm*

*including 1cm edging


.add a cotton covered feather & down blend Inner at R250 per pillow.


Fresh, dried, whole, nibbled, wind damaged, broken, incomplete leaves are placed on a stretch of cotton. Rolled, bound tightly before heating to extract and coax the pigments and tannins from the foliage permanently. Each pillow piece a one off artwork for your bedroom or living room. No two are the same. 

Surrendered Forest

  • Treasure it gently. Wash only if you must. Do not dry clean. A gentle hand-wash in cold water with a drop of ph balanced organic shampoo. Air dry in the shade before a cool light ironing - inside out is preferable. Store in a hanging position. Keep out of direct sunlight. Show it off with love.