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165 x 133cm

12mm crepe de chine silk

handstitched rolled hem

November 2023


The story of this scarf:


On Saturday, just as the group of botanical printers were eagerly awaiting their rather late lunch, I asked them as a group to decorate a 9th blank silk scarf with their remaining foraged leaves.


They took charge and with great enthusiasm the bundle was rolled up tightly and into the steamer with their own creations it went. Each printer then, on a small card wrote down the name of a charity dear to their heart.


Lunch was enjoyed, the wine did flow and then beautiful creations emerged from the steamer(as per previous post). Not only did everyone live happily ever after, more happiness bubbled over when Arista's card was the fortunate card drawn!!! Now 75% of the sale of this scarf will be heading to 'The Durbanville Children's Home' in Durbanville.


So make this gorgeous scarf & story yours!!! It includes free courier to a courier friendly address(SA only)


All thanks to Saturday that was full of silk and friendships 🌿🤍🤍🤍

Arista, Adri, Liza, Anne, Joan, Ana, Welna and Santa. 



"Each silk scarf is a unique gentle creation. No two are ever the same. Pigments and tannins from botanicals foraged from garden, vineyard and mountains on the de Trafford Wine estate near Stellenbosch. Each silk scarf comes beautifully packaged with a card including details of leaves collected, date of creation and care instructions" Rita

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