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.Jasmine Tango.

100% Habotai Silk

165 x 45cm

.hand stitched hem.


Leaves of Camel Foot and Fern, tendrils of Jasmine together with blossoms of Hydrangea blanketed in freshly pressed and fermented juice of merlot grapes.

Made 07.03.20


Fresh, dried, whole, nibbled, wind damaged, broken, incomplete leaves are placed on layer of silk. Rolled, bound tightly before heating to extract and coax the pigments and tannins from the foliage permanently on to the silk. Each scarf a wearable artwork made with nature. Leaves of each season reflecting and forever held in each scarf.

Jasmine Tango

R1 550,00Price
  • Wear it gently. Wash only if you must. Do not dry clean. A gentle hand-wash in cold water with a drop of ph balanced organic shampoo. Air dry in the shade. Place a towel over your scarf before a cool ironing. Store in a hanging position. Keep out of direct sunlight. Wear with love.

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