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botanical printing

each scarf a unique adventure- 

a wearable piece of art dictated by nature and her season

Fresh, dried, whole & complete, wind damaged, nibbled, broken fallen leaves/petals/other plant bits are placed on layers of fabric, rolled and bound tightly before heating to extract the botanical images permanently. It is a lengthy yet mindful process. Each season gifting new botanical treasures.

One can gather leaves in concentration from under the trees, place leaves with deliberation on fabric, but what happens during the heating and curing always surprises. Prepare for the unexpected. It certainly is a process of letting go…

about me 

a qualified chef//an unqualified artist//a mother of 2 incredible children that have recently flown the coop//sometimes a doting wife to 1 talented winemaker//parent to 3 foster-fail dogs that take us far up the valley//proud mamma to 11 very free-range hens.

Living with all this against a backdrop of mountains, vineyards, old Oak trees and spectacular Fynbos one can only be in awe of the surrounds.

The easel & paints are brushed aside for a wee while as I explore, experiment & play in this new natural printing medium. Embracing its process of slowing down and being more mindful. Realising being present at the foot of the mountain at times more meditative & gentle than the pressured rush to its peak.


So journey with me on this this wonderful winding detour...

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