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Leaf the chore-list alone!

"When was the last time you challenged yourself to learn something new or expand what you already know for no reason other than ‘you want to’? What better way to do this than creativity workshops! Studies show that creative workshops support mental health and improve productivity in ones’ lifework. There is no age limit to the benefits of learning. Creativity workshops are a great way to open up your creative self and meet other creatives in the process. Attending such classes can help get an artist through a creative block of their own . Taking a creative workshop that challenges yourself can be an act of self-discovery and ignite a feeling, skill, or a creative process that may not have been discovered otherwise. One simple step of challenging yourself by learning, and switching that creativity switch that is in us all, can be the ultimate tool of knowledge for artists of all ages, and all experience levels." Artist as Brand

I do love that bit of reading but I must also add that a creative workshop also resets the brain. A sort of spring-cleaning out the inner discouraging chats "I'm not creative/I was 6 when I last painted/I'm too busy/I just cant" one has with oneself. My workshops invite so much possibility, accomplishment and most important invites the inner child to play, to explore and allow the inner artist to the fore. The studio is a gentle place and the process of eco-printing is wonderfully tangible. My teachings are thorough - for the curious or enough to start your own journey into eco-printing. The beaming sense of accomplishment bubbles forth at the end each workshop experience as each has created a gorgeous piece of wearable art. A truly unique and treasured keepsake.

There are still a few places left in the workshops on offer till the end of April.

May, June, July and August months will have the studio resting with much planning for the workshops that will take place from September to December 2023. So if you have a voucher/giftcard that is itching or about to expire to be used I suggest use it soonest. The 2nd term of workshops will have changes.

So to recap:

I hope to see you soon in my Stellenbosch studio. It is always a day of many leaves, much relaxing, much making, much merriment and a wonderful lunch with some delicious de Trafford wines.

See you soon xx Rita


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