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the Celebration Collection 2017

And so the craziness gathers momentum in work, in our homes and our family lives. 

Nature on the other hand is all so oblivious to our end of year dash. 

I came across a box of treasured keepsake notes and cards from almost 20 years ago.  There the tired smudge of a paper still in existence with something I had written in the quiet of a dark night whilst on a walking trail in the Umfolozi Game Reserve - 

"In nature the minutes and hours are never counted but what happens between each sunrise and sunset is held and matters"

- relatively deep thoughts  for a mother of a one year old child and expectant with another. 

These words ring so true when wrapped up in any project/deadline and the many to-do lists. We need to stand back, breathe, amble up a path or play in the water for a bit and enjoy a quiet moment.

It is within this context that I created Celebration Collection. I ignored my detailed notes & chatter on various social eco-printing groups and focused on the knowledge I had visually gained 9 months ago when this journey began. A bit like cooking. Lay down the recipe book, believe in yourself and trust your judgement. 

The Celebration Collection is crisp, clear, summery and playful - like a moment when we need to stop, quieten, be gentle to ourselves and celebrate on all that mattered between the crisp sunrises and magnificent sunsets of 2017.

With love and longer summer walks

Rita xx

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