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The Emergence Collection 2017 is ONLINE

Stretching out of a cold dry wineter...

The Emergence Seventeen Collection has been folded, boxed and labelled. Difficult naming the next flow of scarves Spring Collection as it would further define the end of winter, the end of rain. Dam levels are at a measly 38% full (28% being useable) as the Western Cape is still very much in the grip of a water crisis as so little precious of it has fallen. So when the clouds puff and darken, our hearts lift & smiles widen as we celebrate each downpour and beg for more.

Twenty one silk creations - longer, much longer as most near 2 meters of 100% wonderfulness, 100% Dupion silk from India. A few eco-printed in Winter and the rest made emerging from it and a rather cozy shared studio space(mess). Sweet is the irritation of shared studio space with our teenage daughter as she prepares for her final school exams. Sweet it is, as my hood will be lighter and quieter next year as she settles into the university life in Cape Town. So I will enjoy the clatter and chatter as too soon a different season will arrive always with a promise to emerge from what was and to begin anew.

Happy beginnings

Rita x

If residing in the Western Cape - Please note that the scarves will be available for viewing and purchase from de Trafford Winery as well as online. Postage to anywhere in South Africa is free and for overseas purchases please shop online for exact courier costs.

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