Calling all knitters, crocheters, weavers and those that are tickled by the magical colours found in nature. This intro into Natural Dyeing will cover scouring, wetting and mordanting wool, great dyes, not so great dyes and lots more with notes, a bit of prep work and a 2 hour plus a bit Zoom class on Saturday 23rd January. A follow up chat a week later ~🌿~ Gain the knowledge in this process of successfully coaxing an amazing range of pigments from nature - From your garden, kitchen and morning walks permanently on to wool . No powdered or imported dyes. Your parcel will include 8 x 10g already mordanted(ready to dye)mini skeins of 100% Merino Wool, 3 jars of dye material, notes & recipes. R800 per participant plus an added R150 for postage that automatically gets added to your bill. Participants must have access to Zoom, a dedicated small pot for dyeing OR a microwave. No collections allowed. South African residents only. Please give detailed info re your delivery address, email and contact number when purchasing the workshop. Hope you can make it xx

To Dye For workshop - Saturday 23rd January 10H00

  • If you have a change of heart or cannot make the Zoom class a  90%  refund will be given prior to parcel being shipped to you. Once parcel has been shipped no refunds will be given.

    Returns are not possible.